Our goal

Our task is the development of businesses with the aim of achieving the interest of our customers and suppliers.  An ever fairer interaction with our business partners is important for us and the foundation of our solid and long-term partnership. 


To fulfill this goal, we have for the various customers and markets sales representatives, perfectly aware of their industry and who know what moves our customers and how to approach it. We are able to strictly negotiate in a centralized or decentralized according to your needs. Our sales employees also have the task of negotiation and administration of investments.    

Sales channels

Our sales take place in all areas of business: Specialist trades, internet dealers, filial operators, specialty markets and Cash & Carry markets.


Administration always works in a solution-oriented fashion. Regardless of the type of data transfer or media coverage needed by our customers or suppliers, we are always able to get results for you. For many business partners, we have set up comprehensive electronic interfaces. 


Well-functioning logistics are an absolute prerequisite for us. A sophisticated system ensures that our customers receive your goods within 24 hours. In our two logistics centers, we have a storage capacity of over 800 pallet spaces.